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The Parent Push Project 


                              Parents can be great allies when they are provided the tools and opportunity.

                                                                                         T.A. Jones 

A series of workshops focused on specific topics found in the recently published book, The Parent Push, Helping Your Child Succeed Through High School and Beyond, written by T. A. Jones. Workshops are offered virtually and in person.



The Parent Push Project is designed to support families in helping their children: 

    ● Become effective communicators 

    ● Build sustainable relationships valuable in high school, college and their careers

    ● Develop self-accountability 

    ● Learn to manage their finances 

    ● Discover their life’s purpose and design career readiness 

    ● Explore options for post secondary and college careers 

Nudges Towards Meeting Your Goals: 

Building Relationships: Creating An Alliance With Your Child 

This parental involvement session is designed to help parents support their children in building and sustaining effective, valuable relationships needed to achieve success through high school and beyond. The facilitator will provide strategies, generate discussions and aid in the development of an action plan for individual families represented. 

Reaching Success:

Holding Them Accountable 

Are you familiar with the old saying, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life?” This parental involvement session will provide tools to help families work together to discover what makes their children happy and how to discover and turn individual passions into streams of income and possible careers. 

Take Action:

What Are Your Next Steps to Success? 

Research shows that college is not for everyone. Some questions parents might ask are, “How will I know if my child is college bound?” “What if college is not the right choice for my child; then what?” 


This workshop helps families:

    ● Explore options for students after graduating high school and to create an action plan for long term goals 

    ● Learn steps to opening conversations and building a potential plan exploring ways to introduce various                 career plans 

    ● Set attainable educational goals to lead to graduation and clear paths to career

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