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TA Jones Eva Clayton
TA Jones Arlene Bice
TA Jones Joyce Long
TA Jones Eva Theaoseus Clayton
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A Summer with No Ice Cream

A Summer with No Ice Cream is the first book in the "Embracing Myself and My Health" series which

will explore various health and family challenges faced in many communities  such as: diabetes,

childhood obesity, female breast cancer, HIV awareness, sickle cell disease, alcohol and drug addiction, and

teenage pregnancy awareness. Even though these topics might seem a bit overwhelming, they are very much

a part of the lives of many families in the United States of America.

The Parent push

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The Parent Push, Helping Your Child Succeed Through High School and Beyond

As an advisor and instructor in higher education, I have noticed that some students are more prepared than

others, some are more excited to be in college than others and some students are just not happy or excited

about anything. I have been in countless discussions about the benefits of going to college opposed to the cost

of going to college, and discussions about why even go to college at all? Why not encourage our children to

become interested in jobs such as electrician, plumber, and other blue collar jobs? Should I push my child to be on the honor roll? Should I encourage a gap year?

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