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A Summer with No Ice Cream is the first book in the "Embracing Myself and My Health" series which

will explore various health and family challenges faced in many communities in 2017, such as: diabetes,

childhood obesity, female breast cancer, HIV awareness, sickle cell disease, alcohol and drug addiction, and

teenage pregnancy awareness. Even though these topics might seem a bit overwhelming, they are very much

a part of the lives of many families in the United States of America.


A Summer with No Ice Cream is a riveting account of a family impacted by diabetes, childhood obesity,

breast cancer and drug addiction. The main character Savannah, who lives with her parents and brother in

Newark, New Jersey takes you on an exciting summer journey while visiting her grandparents in North Carolina.

And this summer proves to be life altering and astoundingly different from any other summer.


The intent of this novel is to start conversations about family health history and to bring awareness to chronic

diseases prevalent in our communities. The book also explores some prevention, and is designed to encourage

education, treatment and taking charge of your health. As family is such an important realm of our lives, Savannah's relationship within her family is strong, and reminds us that life is not expected to be lived alone, but with the help, concern and love of family and community.

Other topics explored in A Summer with No Ice Cream are the educational advantages of attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the personal growth and development gained at HBCU's, as well as the non-profit sector which fills many voids experienced by the community from the health industry and how community based health organizations fill those voids.


The "Embracing Myself and My Health" series was made possible by the United Arts Council.

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